's 2019 Horror Write-off:

The Blind

Submitted by Derpghost

The following text was recovered from a series of cave scratchings and paintings in the cave system [REDACTED], located in [REDACTED], believed to be the writings of the currently-unlocated C-5.


i will be alone

i will not mind

you will be reading

but when you read i will be gone and you will not find me for long time

so i will be alone

but i am not alone i will have me

i like me

i will see me sometimes

i will like to wave hello at me

it is fun

i will wish i had a friend

sometimes i will find small things but they are not friends

they will skitter and claw and bite and make weird noises

why won’t they like me

will you be my friends, funny men with the shiny shiny skin

i hope you will be my friends when you find me

everything will be dark but i know it will not be for long

i can see things and i must have eyes to see so i must get eyes sometime

i wonder where my eyes went

hello again funny men

i will find my eyes

they are on the walls

i will scratch and scratch and scratch and then make funny shapes on the walls and i will see

it is very nice

i will like seeing it is good to see

i will have more eyes

it is very nice to have more eyes

how many eyes do you have funny men

i will not see

your faces will be too shiny

now i will have all the eyes

i love eyes

i will see so many things

i will see you funny men

i will see the little bugs on the ground

so many little friends will be here

i will see me

hello me

now i will have good idea

what if i put eyes on me

now i will see

i will see me and i can see the eyes and i can see all the things

now i will have better idea

what if i put eyes on tiny bugs

tiny bugs will be my friends

and i will have so many friends and so many eyes

tiny bugs will be my friends

eyes will be on tiny bugs

but i will need more friends

more friends and eyes and friends and eyes

you will be my friends funny men


Survey teams of the surrounding area have found small, crudely drawn eyes covering various surfaces, including trees, cave walls and floors, and various small wildlife, including squirrels, birds, foxes, and a wide variety of insects. Said small wildlife appears to act and move as one entity, following personnel, and do no resist containment.  All eyes appear to be drawn in the exact same substance, dried blood that matches with Gallus Gallus Domesticus, or the domestic chicken.

Also found is a crude painting on a cave wall, of a small, pale and genderless humanoid with no facial features, marked with more eyes, and what appear to be scars and scabs.