's 2019 Horror Write-off:

The Doctor

Submitted by Derpghost

[The following is a transcript of Recon Team 56-3 in investigation of reports of missing researchers and an anomalous specimen believed to be related to the so-called 'Creations' project. HQ was in contact via audio, video was unusable due to pre-mission equipment malfunctions.]


[Team is assembled outside of warehouse where researchers went missing.]

HQ: Commencing rolecall. Are all team members present?

RAT: Present.

GOLD: Present.

TRAP: Present.

KEG: Present.

HQ: Everyone is accounted for. You may continue.

RAT: Alright, we are entering the building.

HQ: Please describe your surroundings.

RAT: It's a old, damaged hallway. Power seems to be off or disabled. No signs of any struggle or strange activity.

GOLD: Aw man, this place reeks.

TRAP: Says you. How long has it been since you took a shower?

RAT: Focus, you two.

GOLD: Yeah, yeah.

KEG: Hey, found something. Claw marks of some sort, along the wall. Way too wide and deep to be human.

TRAP: Damn. What the hell could've made those?

GOLD: Isn't that what those squints we're looking for reported? Some kind of monster?

RAT: Whatever it is, we're here for those researchers, not some boogeyman. Come on.

[10 minutes pass, passed over for brevity.]

TRAP: Oh, crap.

RAT: What is it?

TRAP: Blood trail into this room off to the left.

KEG: That's not good.

HQ: Please investigate.

KEG: But of course.

RAT: Entering room now. Appears to be... shit.

TRAP: It's the researchers. All dead.

HQ: Cause of death?

RAT: It, uh, appears to be... Mummification of some sort? They're all dry and shriveled, skin gray.

KEG: But that's not possible. It's only been days since they've been missing and these are nowhere near the right conditions for that. Plus, there's still blood everywhere.

RAT: Hah. You haven't seen anything yet,rookie. Things get so, so weird.

TRAP: And claw marks that seem to match from earlier all over the bodies, and neck trauma of some sort.

RAT: Splendid.

HQ: Researchers found. You may return to HQ.

KEG: Oh, thank god. This place is creepy.

RAT: Wait, where's Gold?

TRAP: I don't know. I thought he was with you.

RAT: We can't go without him.

HQ: Please leave the premises.

[Scream heard in distance]

RAT: Oh, shit.

TRAP: That's him! Come on!

HQ: Leave the premises. Now.

KEG: We aren't leaving him to die to whatever this thing is.

HQ: ...Search for teammate 'Gold' authorized. You may continue.

RAT: Thank god.

[A minute passes]

KEG: Oh crap, what the hell is that?

RAT: Whatever the hell it is shoot it!

[Gunfire, screeching noise and crashing]

TRAP: Oh my god, Gold!

RAT: That thing just... holy shit.

HQ: Describe entity?

RAT: Tall, at least 7 feet, wearing long black cloak, seemed to be hovering off ground. Inhumanly long arms, very wide hands and long claws that all looked to flipping be made out of nothing but bone. Seemed to be wearing some sort of mask. also bone, that resembles one of those plague doctor things, long and birdlike.

HQ: Status of teammate?

TRAP: Gold is dead. Armour and tissue on chest sliced to goddamn ribbons.

HQ: Mission reaching high hazard levels and teammate found. Recommended course of action is leaving.

KEG: No shit.

RAT: Come on, we need to leave or that thing's gonna get us too.

TRAP: Jesus. Poor Gold.

[Several minutes pass]

RAT: Alright, not that far now.

KEG: You think that thing knows where we are?

TRAP: It was a floating plague doctor with superhuman strength. I wouldn't be surprised.

RAT: Don't think about it, just move.

[Minutes pass]

[Screeching noise similar to earlier]



KEG: Help! HELP!

RAT: The damn thing's got him! Kill it!

TRAP: What the hell is it doing?!

KEG: (Sobbing) It's not a mask, IT'S NOT A MASK!

[More gunfire and screaming]

[Audio cuts out]

[Contact with RT 56-3 is lost]