's 2019 Horror Write-off:

The old dog

Submitted by Coral

My grandfather died a week ago. He passed away peacefully in his sleep, with grandma next to him, so i'm at least sure he died happy. he was a hardworking, caring man. one of the few things that helped me deal with my dad's constant screaming and threats. He was there to comfort me when i was upset. sure, I was scared of the possibility that dad might know that i've been telling grandpa about what he does to me, but having grandpa around made me less scared. He taught me how to bake too. I had quite a bit of trouble with it to be honest, but i got better at it. i still end up burning a lot of the stuff i try to bake though.

But... just a week later, i went to his grave to give my respects to him. to see him again, in a certain sense. when i got there though.... the tombstone was toppled and the dirt had been dug up. not like dug up with a shovel though.... like a dog had dug it up. and the coffin was torn open and covered with black mold. it smelled awful too. it smelled like rotting fruit and sewage, and it had this horrible burnt smell too.

And as i was looking at this, i heard something from behind me. first, the sound of something being dragged along the ground, with dirt being dug up as it was dragged. second, soft padding footsteps.

and finally, heavy panting. like a dog.

i slowly turned around, and thought i might pass out. it was a thing shaped like a dog, but its body looked like it was made entirely out of hair. not dog hair though, human hair. and wet human hair, specifically; like the kind of stuff you'd find in a shower drain. its legs didn't bend in the way a dog's legs do either, they were almost like a spider's legs, the upper half going upward while the lower half bent down to the ground. the face was completely hairless, and had solid black eyes as large as dinner plates, and was long and tapering almost like a wolf or fox in a children's storybook. and its ears and body weren't shaped like a dog's, but more like a human.

clamped in its wide toothless mouth was my grandfather's corpse. it was just standing there, holding the body that seemed to suddenly decay abnormally fast. it tilted its head to the side, and swung the corpse around with excitement. it almost seemed as if the fucking thing wanted me to play fetch with it, using my grandfather's arm which it had torn off with surprising force. i backed away slowly, but just as i did it was suddenly even closer to me, though I know for sure i didn't even see it move.

it bounced up and down, and once again swung the corpse around eagerly. I shouted at it to get it to go away, but it just looked at me like a confused puppy. it let out a raspy, far too human sounding cough as it stretched its front legs toward me. i tripped and fell, and in an instant the thing was standing over me. it dropped the corpse, and its mouth opened wide, yellow bile and pus and sewage dripping out of its mouth, some of it falling on me and coating my body.

and then, it howled. not like a human, not like an animal, but like an emergency siren. the sewage and pus and bile continued to leak from its mouth as the wailing got louder, and my skin felt like it was being slowly dissolved. it was an oddly pleasant feeling though. it was refreshing, and very relaxing in a way, almost like a warm bath. i could feel my muscles getting weaker and my senses growing dim, but it felt alright. i felt so calm. so safe. finally, as i was dissolving, the dog turned its face back down to me, and extended out a long puke-colored tongue, which it slowly dragged across my face as i began to pass out.