's 2019 Horror Write-off:

The Scarecrow

Submitted by Derpghost

[Witness Interview No.3 on the reports of what is believed to be C-3, with NYC Officer Tim Brandon. Interviewer is Dr. James Spirit.]

=Begin Transcript=

S: Could you please tell me what happened on this case? From the beginning?

B: Uh, alright, well… It started with a typical loud party complaint in a seedy neighborhood,you know? Flashing lights, loud sounds, people moving in and out of the place. Typical stuff. Me and my two partners, Doug and Rodney, were basically just supposed to get there, send some kids home and confiscate some drugs. But, we get at the address, and we find this little shack by the waterside. Place is completely empty. No trash, lights on, nothing. We do a sweep of the house anyway, see if there’s any contraband still there. And then… ugh… god…

S: Do you want to continue later?

B:...No, no, I’m fine. We found a room, in the back. It had the… thing. Whatever the fuck it was. Was in the center of the room, surrounded by the only other stuff in the house, a couple of candles and some green paint on the floor.

S: Could you please describe the structure?

B: Right, right. Tall, very tall, a good 8 feet. Was a crude human shape. The thing was, it was made up of a whole bunch of random shit straight out of a scrapyard. Rusty blades, driftwood, pieces of glass. You could get tetanus from just looking at the thing. The more you looked at it the worse it got. Bones, a sawblade, pieces of dolls, a entire fucking dog skeleton curled up in the torso area. And the face, jesus christ…

It looked like someone had taken a mannequin head and carefully painted a beautiful woman’s features on the face, so incredibly detailed, and then took a sledgehammer to it and haphazardly put it back together with some wires, leaving it fragmented and jumbled. The entire time I was in that room it felt like that twisted, wrong face was staring at me with those closed eyes.

S: What happened to your partner?

B: ...Christ, yeah, so I had stepped out of the room to get away from that damn face and to call in some forensics folks to try and see if they could find any explanation for this thing. Rodney was off seeing if there was anything in the rest of the house, probably wanted to get away from that fuckin’ face too. Doug, though, he was checking out the thing, and no one else was in there with him. Two minutes and I hear him scream. I run in there, find him on the floor in a puddle of blood with an abdomen wound, screaming something about it moving. We drag him outside, and I swear I saw blood splattered on the thing as we moved him out of the room. Doug died in the ambulance.

We came back a couple hours later. Had to mop up, figure out paperwork, whatever.

And that room was empty.

=End Transcript=