's 2019 Horror Write-off:

The scariest story to read out loud ever!!!!

Submitted by Wick

The scariest story to read out loud ever!!!! 
Dear reader, do not read out loud until I say so!
These are the instructions to tell the story properly
  1. Wait… Now be quiet and keep reading to yourself.
  2. Read this sentence to yourself: “Slow, slithering, silver snakes singing sinful stories! so shaky she slipped sideways.”
  3. Now slowly you turn your head to the person you’re suppose to be reading to.
  4. Stare into their eyes deeply, create an emotional bond with your listener.
  5. Get ready...
  6. Now open your maw and scream [BOO!] as loud as you can!!
  7. You’ve now just told the shortest and scariest story ever! 
The End!