's 2019 Horror Write-off:

The Thing from the Far Side of the Moon

Submitted by Matt theYipper Clark (email)

O joyous day, it has begun!

The earth divorces moon and sun.

Elder man and baby both

Celebrate our oldest troth!

Bring your stew and yarn and masks.

Today, we have no other tasks.

But to welcome, welcome here.

We bathe in broth, both thick and clear.

The fragile cloth of space doth slips

For today is no normal eclipse.

They call it Un Ekac Galoon,

It hides in darkness on the moon.

But when the eclipse starts to slide

And Earth and sun are sick inside,

Un Ekac Galoon’s loving arms

Black and jingling with lucky charms,

Reach and grope the planet’s face.

The clouds will scream as we embrace.

His claws rend stone and filth and flesh.

Skin like withered, scaly mesh.

An eye that peeps sits low in sky

With snaggle-toothed smile, grinning wide.

As the sky turns pink and green

His crippling fingers do careen

Downwards to the molten core

Feeding, chewing, licking, or,

Teething on the chewy center.

Un Ekac Galoon will be our mentor!

The crows will bark, the snakes will hop,

As trees sag to earth with a flop.

The oceans dance with grime and grunge,

As earth and rocks heave like a sponge.

The stars stay far, far away with fear

When he whispers secrets in our ear.

But when the sun grows well again

We all will weep, for we know then

His arms of mesh and love and crust

Will hug no more, so we must trust

That he’ll return on joyous day

When next the sun is to be slain.

Until the next dark, eclipsed moon,

For that brings Un Ekac Galoon.