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the TRUTH about ants

Submitted by Sam Miller (email)

Uploaded July 5th 1998. Archived on October 10th 2008.

So I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but wanted to make sure I had enough to really upload, not just a hunch or a guess. Long story short, I’ve had my eye on some ant hills around town, and after some sleuthing I think I’ve figured out why I was so drawn to them. There are patterns in the ant hills in most of the towns around here, and I wanted to put this on my page to have it all down in one place. Plus Rachel asked me to upload this, so I figured I really should.

First, here’s a map of the locations of ant hills in Kettering:

[image unavailable]

I marked the sites of ant hills with dots, little black ones all over. Now you might not notice any kind of pattern when its just the dots sure sure, but if I draw lines connecting them, its a very different story.

[image unavailable]

As is pretty patently obvious, there’s a pattern here, but its still pretty obscured, it’s just a mess, not reminicent of anything really. But if i mark which hills were above 5 centimeters tall, well thats a very different story.

[image unavailable]

this map shows the same pattern as the one above, but the ant hills that were 5 centimeters or taller are marked with a red dot, and the lines connecting hills of 5 cm or more are red too. Now this is a more recognizable pattern, very much like the Enochian sigil of john dee, a sorcerer from England. This symbol has mathematical significance, much more than the mess of crawlining lines that we saw in the first map. Here are a few more maps of ant hills of 5 centimeters or more in height from other towns in the area:

[image unavailable]


[image unavailable]

Yellow Springs

[image unavailable]


This shape keeps on popping up again and again, the enochian sigil, here and there. If you put a fibonacci sequence over the map you also see a correlation, especially with the map of ant hills from Springfield, here is a look at that:

[image unavailable]

I am going to continue my investigation, but i think its pretty safe to say that something strange is happening… perhaps the behavior of these ants is guided by some greater cosmic principle? Now i’m an atheist (go to my page on arguments against theists and creationists for more info on that!) but this kind of universal mathematics signifies something more important, at least that’s what im thinking.

UPDATE 7/14/98

I mapped out a few more ant hill lattices from other towns in the area. 

[image unavailable]


[image unavailable]


Middletown is a bit farther out, and its pattern doesn’t closely match the one established in the other towns… it might be a red herring, but it is a bit different. since middletown is farther out, it will take me a bit more time to investigate stuff out there.

UPDATE 7/15/98

Went out to middletown again… i was already going there to visit a friend (nunya business who), but when I was walking around I saw this young man, probably just a bit younger than me, staring off into the distance, his mouth hanging open listlessly. there were so many ants crawling into his mouth, but he just didn’t seem to mind. One of the shopowners said his name was Jeremy, and that he likes to hang out on that street in the downtown. Not that middletown has much of a downtown lolz. I want to talk to Jeremy sometime, i feel like he would be good to interview.

UPDATE 7/25/98

Been busy with work, so i haven’t been able to update this page. About a week ago i found an ant hill that was so much larger than any of the other ones, it was like almost a third of a foot, and just crawling with ants, red ones and black ones. so big you could see their jaws, see them carrying dirt in and out. i left a slice of pizza on the side and watched them tear it apart and carry into their home. this was in Kettering, the ant hill was where one of the taller ones was on the map i uploaded… did it grow from one of the hills i measured? why?

UPDATE 7/29/98

Went back to middletown and couldn’t find Jeremy. I heard that he got a job working at the McDonald’s just down the street from where i last saw him. I hate to go into McDonald’s (check out my page on my germophobia for more information on that!), so I decided to wait outside for him. I sat on the grassy hill on the edge of the parking lot and waited for what felt like hours, probably was too. while i was waiting there i saw a few ants crawling on the curb. They looked like the big ones from that huge hill i saw back in Kettering. When it was getting pretty dark I saw Jeremy walking out, looking so tired, his face gray and sad. I got up and walked over to him. He was surprised by that and mumbled out a hello and I asked him how his day was, he said it was fine, i asked him why he likes to hang out in middletown’s downtown and he said that its a good place to hang out, i asked him why he let the ants crawl into his mouth and he stopped and yelled at me. He said that he felt like i was stalking him, which is just ludicrous because I had only ever seen him twice. He got into his car and left.

UPDATE 8/2/98

Found another one of those super tall ant hills again. it was directly across town from the first one. Are there tunnels connecting these?

UPDATE 8/3/98

People seem to be annoyed when i talk about ants now. I’ve been trying to do more research into them, checked out a lot of books from the local library (see what i currently have checked out by going to my homepage!), all about ant biology and behavior and stuff. its so interesting how they build their hills. There are so many more types of ants than I thought there were! i knew there were more than just the ones you see around here, of course there’d be different ants in brazil or indonesia, but there are just so so many different kinds of ants. i thought people were only annoyed when i talked about religion because they didn’t like hearing the truth about god but they seem to not like hearing me talk about ants too. Rachel and Alexa are saying that they are concerned for me, that i haven’t been eating as much since i started mapping out ant hills. You know what I say to them, you’re making mountains out of ant hills! Rachel, I know you check this site so I want you to know that i am okay and eating right now, a pbj and banana <3

UPDATE 8/6/98

three more big ant hills. I saw Jeremy here in Kettering, with a girl i’ve never seen before. she kept a pale green scarf wrapped around her neck, but her neck was so tall that it still extended some more past it. I want to talk to them sometime, ask about Jeremy and the ants. another perspective would be very good to have.

UPDATE 8/7/98

went back to middletown and found two of the big ant hills there too. Jeremy was sitting on the sidewalk, alone. there were ants crawling on his back, and i think i saw a rash on his shoulder. he started to walk away when i first saw him. i was with my friend though so i didnt follow after him.

UPDATE 8/12/98

I fell to the ground while walking around today. my legs started to feel numb, when i pulled my pant leg up i saw a pattern of bites on my ankle in the shape of the lattice of tall ant hills, the enochian sigil i mentioned before. when did i get these? i’m worried it was while I was asleep, so i’m closing my window, no matter how much hotter that will make my room. Waking up sweaty is better than putting myself at risk to ant bites.

UPDATE 8/20/98

I swear I saw a giant ant walking around just the other day. Jeremy was with it, but he was facing away from me so it may have been somebody else. his back was crawling with ants, even the ones with nice beautiful wings. those are princesses, so beautiful and pristine.

UPDATE 8/21/98

I had a dream last night. I just woke up from it, so i wanted to write it down. I have a dream journal, normally i post the interesting dreams over on my dream journal page, but this one had ants in it, and it had the enochian sigil in it, and it had Jeremy, and it had that english sorcerer john dee in it. maybe i should do more reading into him, i know about the enochian stuff but not much else. did he do anything with ants? Anyway, the dream had me stuck on a sticky trap, the kind they set out for ants, and there were ants all around me. Their faces were wide and shining, glistening almost, their mandibles clacking wildly as they encircle me. One of them has a tiara on its forehead. I hear the incessant clacking of their mandibles and the skittering of their feet all around me until they all become quiet and then Jeremy and John Dee walk out of the crowd and toward me, holding a large tapestry with the enochian sigil on it. a bright light emerges from behind the tapestry as John Dee and Jeremy speak together a word that i can only barely remember on the tip of my tongue, and the bright light burns the sticky trap, and then i woke up.

UPDATE 8/23/98

i fell again. The same pattern of bites on my ankle. i found a few more of the really big hills here in Kettering again, almost knocked over one of them when i fell. i wouldn’t want to anger the ants though. they really are beautiful creatures. i saw an exterminator, and i spat on the ground.

UPDATE 8/24/98

John Dee did not do anything with ants.

UPDATE 8/26/98

all of the taller hills in Kettering are at least a third of a foot tall now. Some of them are half a foot tall. why has nobody noticed this yet? and why are none of these ant hills in the city? do ants just not live there? I swear i’ve seen ants in the city. Like in downtown Dayton. but no ant hills, not a single one. Is it the sound? The noise? I quite like the city noise. it helps me sleep at night. not too much of it though. my ears are sensitive to that sort of thing. some of the ants on the bigger ant hills are bigger too.

UPDATE 8/29/98

i’ve been to middletown so many times now, trying to track down Jeremy. he seems to have disappeared, or at least i can’t find him. i even went to his house twice, and his mom and dad just said that they weren’t going to tell me. i dont like that they are hiding him from me. He knows more about the ants than i do, i guarantee it. I’ve seen him leave the McDonald’s once, but i refuse to go back there. all of the bigger ant hills in middletown are at least a third of a foot tall now. There are fewer ones that are half a foot tall than in kettering, but there are still some like that.

UPDATE 9/1/98

There is a new ant hill in my backyard. a few days ago i ate mexican food with Rachel, Alexa, and Isabela, so i took some of the leftover rice with me in a little bag and dropped it down into the ant hill. there was nothing in reply, no thank you or anything. not that i was expecting one, of course, roflmao. There were a lot of ants crawling around it though.

UPDATE 9/10/98

i saw a great bright light descend from the sky and enter one of the ant hills. not the one in my backyard, that one hasn’t grown at all, it has just stayed the same. one of the other ones, across town. i was walking around there at night (nunya business why), and i saw a small ball of light just fall from the sky and sink into the ant hill, one that was almost a full foot tall. two long thin mandibles reached out to gingerly grasp it and bring it deeper into the mound. i stood there and just watched while the light disappeard below the ground.

UPDATE 9/11/98

the ant hill in my backyard is growing.

UPDATE 9/13/98

i saw another great big ant, though Jeremy wasn’t there with it this time. it was broad daylight, so i have no clue how nobody saw it, but it was just skittering along the sidewalk, like a stray cat or something. it just turned into an alleyway and crawled through a few backyards (which i definitely didn’t follow it into because that would be illegal, kids), and eventually I saw it climb into one of the really tall ant hills, one of the ones that is almost taller than six inches now. after it crawled into it i walked up and saw just how big the hole was on the top… just about big enough to fit my hand into.

UPDATE 9/15/98

there are very few diseases that can be transmited by ants, and the greatest risk is formic acid from an ant bite. i own gloves.

UPDATE 9/16/98

no i am not planning anything questionable Aaleax, don’t worry about me. yesterday i ate a pizza for dinner, and i even ate a good breakfast today.

UPDATE 9/18/98

After measuring the circumference of the openings to all of the ant hills in Kettering, i have deicided to put my hand into one of them. i will be wearing a pair of leather gloves and a long sleeve shirt with a long sleeve jacket over it. The weather today is somewhat cool, but cloudy. sometimes you can see a bright light through the clouds, but other than that it is overcast. will update with my findings!