's 2019 Horror Write-off:

Weather Forecast

Submitted by Shakara


Today: Partly cloudy. Scattered showers of light rain. Mostly sunshine.

Tomorrow: Medium-to-heavy rain. Thicker cloud cover. High winds.


Thursday: Sky obscured. Heavy rain. Possible thunderstorms.


Friday: Severe thunderstorms. Risk of flooding in low-lying areas. High winds.


Saturday: Heavy rain. Possible frost. Low wind.


Sunday: Flies, not cloud cover. A black canopy of wings and buzzing. Sky obscured.


Monday: Hot wind. Too hot. Carries the scent of metal. Light cloud cover.


Tuesday: No cloud cover. Sky clear. Look up. You will see the lights. Such beautiful lights.


Wednesday: Light rain. Raining up. Upward, into the sky. Smells of lavender.


Thursday: Sky obscured. Thick cloud even the sun cannot peek through. Dark.


Thursday: Dark. Light wind. Crops will rot.


Thursdya: Dark. No wind. No rain. Cold.


Thurdassaay: Dark. No wind. No rain. Colder. So cold.


Thursds90---: Dark. No wind. No rain. So very cold. Colder. Colder. Colder.






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