's 2019 Horror Write-off:

What Really Lerks in the dark

Submitted by tacoking18

I am a researcher for an organisation I can not disclose the name of however we have recently discovered something or things that are very disturbing by public standards. We have discovered an odd new kind of life form we refer to as the shadow people do to their pitch black appearance and pin prick eyes. Now it wouldn't be so unnerving if not for the fact that they do not respond to most things normal mundane animals would, things like pain and fear seem lost on them we have tried knives, guns, explosives, and extremes of both hot and cold, in fact they have only ever responded to two things humans which are typically regarded with aggression and a need to terrify the individual and light which they have a very strong aversion to seeming to be the only way to actually impede them. They have never been observed feeding on anything however test subjects in close proximity to them have reported feeling cold and exhausted so it is believed they may somehow feed on energy.

As of the early two thousands hundreds of reports of these creatures have flooded the internet thankfully typically regarded as works of well written fiction. However they have been both observed and described with many different details and among the twelve we have contained two have six arms, three have spider like collections of six legs, and five have three or more eyes, one of them however is over seven feet tall with six thendral like arms and six thendral like legs this one has been observed a maximum of twelve feet outside the containment chamber despite the others having never been seen outside the chamber seemingly deterred by the spotlights posted every seven feet around the perimeter of the chamber. We upped security and monitoring around when it appeared with in the office of a fellow researcher while he was asleep in the break room and wandered around as if looking for him.  It had never done this before and hasn't since but precautions have been taken to deter this such as giving staff a high power strobe light and upping the watts on the desk lamps.