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What's Bugging Me?

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What's Bugging Me?

A blog of daily annoyances.

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Wednesday 3rd August 2016

I know I complain about my little doggos a lot here, but I do love them. It's just, y'know, "my dogs are really cute and adorable" isn't much of an annoyance at all, and it's not like there isn't plenty of Positive Dog Content out on the internet if you really want it.

Anyway, I have to complain about them yet again, because I can't believe I haven't already said what I'm going to say yet.

So, like all dogs, they drink out of little bowls. Presumably other dogs do this too, but they also have a habit of sploshing water everywhere and, okay, maybe some of this is on me for overfilling the bowl a tad, but assigning blame won't magically dry my socks off, will it?

In a way, I wish they were more soaked, 'cause right now they're stuck in that uncanny valley of not actually being wet enough to justify changing, but still wet enough to be really bloody annoying.

Anyway, that's what's bugging me today.


Thursday 4th August 2016

So today I seem to have come out in hive. There's a nice big itchy red lump - not too tall, but a tad on the broad side - on my left arm, and if that isn't annoying, I don't know what is. I wouldn't mind so much, but it's not like I have any allergies, or weird skin conditions, or anything else going on. Just a nice itchy annoying lump with no real reason for it.

Now, you might think that 'hive', singular, up there is a typo. It isn't. There is only one raised itchy lump, right now (touch wood), so it does not actually earn a plural. Actually, that sort of utterly useless pluralisation can be a bonus annoyance.

Let no one say I don't spoil you lot, alright?


Friday 5th August 2016

On the outside, it's summer. Glorious, bright, actually neither raining nor boiling for a change, summer. But in my local supermarket it's the height of winter, given they're acting like good ol' Saint Nick's visit is just round the corner. Now, I get that some saddos might actually prepare for Christmas this far in advance, but normal people don't. If you ask me, selling Christmas bunting or whatever should be banned before November.

I mean, really.

Christmas stuff.

In the height of summer.

Give me a bloody break.

In other news: that bloody hive (see last post) is also sticking around. I swear those things normally go down after an hour or two, but not in this case! I've managed to not scratch my arm completely raw, though, so I guess that's a win!

I suppose maybe all this "Christmas in flipping August" stuff is infesting me with festive spirit after all: that's two posts with a bonus annoyance in a row! I still wouldn't get used to it if I were you, though.


Saturday 6th August 2016

Well, that Hive is still sticking around, and remaining distinctly singular, even if it has ballooned in size.

Honestly, I'm not completely convinced this is mere urticaria (which I definitely didn't have to use Google to spell) now. It's a bit too sticky-outie, if you ask me (disclaimer: not a doctor). It's a bit warm to wear a jacket or anything with long sleeves, which is fine by me because the damn thing is noticeable though those now.

Still, mildly alarming though it may be, it's hardly worth the effort of clearing off to A&E just to wait 10 hours to get a random topical cream or whatever - I reckon I can probably get in with my local GP on Monday, and it's not like this is going to kill me before then.

It's just a weird growth, after all.


Sunday 7th August 2016

Well the Saga of the Hive may be ongoing - I swear it's even bigger now, maybe even reaching 'worth pluralising' territory (except not, because it is definitely just a single lump, thank god) - but I've got a completely unrelated issue going on so I'll rant about that instead.

Now, have you ever heard of tinnitus?

The condition that curses some people to an eternal high-pitched ringing in their ears?

Well, I seem to have developed its even more obnoxious cousin. I started to notice a quiet buzzing noise this morning, and now it feels like I've got an entire swarm of bees trapped in my skull.

Honestly, what's bloody next?