's 2020 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Anonymous

No reception anywhere. 

I started looking for something to poke with a stick. I was standing in the road. There hadn’t been a car of any kind in hours. I didn’t hear it at first. That crunch of gravel under car tire. The soft rumble of an engine far in the distance. But it was going so fast, that distance would be closed in a tiny fraction of my short life.


A tatty black cloth hung in the air. Its long fingers held the much crumpled front of a van in place, hard against the pavement. Air hissing from the tires only added to the horror.

I tried to scream but blurted “Excuse me”. The figure responded by twisting its skull around. It was a deer’s with formidable points and a bandanna hanging off like a kite caught in a tree.


This burly guy stumbles out of the remains of the van nearly unscathed. At first he’s lookin’ at his van like this is a bad dream. He was certain he knew the way to town. A couple hours in and the sun was making its way to the lip of the mountain range.


It picked him up and walked with him like a farmer carrying their pig. It set him down facing the opposite direction. We found the town just before the middle of the night. Bill did not.

There was a strange figure standing by the town sign, waving to us as we left.