's 2020 Horror Write-off:

A Letter To The Editor From A Dark Timeline

Submitted by Thomas F. Johnson (email)

Dear Staff of The Twilight Moth,

I've been a long time reader, and I have been immensely displeased to find your paper adopting the soft; creeping liberalism in your stories.

Firstly, on your article about the "Catgirl Factory," that was just nonsense. I mean, if you're so lazy you don't want to get any of the many jobs available, why shouldn't they be able to make you useful! Everyone should contribute to society, I don't see why they're so special that they get to say no.

Besides, it's not like it's slavery or anything like they whine about, being a pet sounds cushy. Free food, shelter, sex, hell some freaks pay to get bio-mods like that these days. If I had it my way I'd give 'em the Cube like we used to, but for what it is it's the best compromise between pragmatism and a good honest work-ethic.

Secondly, I spit out my Mecaf the other morning when you said that aerosol bio-mods should be free. I worked damn hard for mine, and if we let everyone avoid The Rust without paying for it we'd be back in the dark times!

It's even more egregious when you decided to smear Mr Albrezzo, he's the only damn thing keeping the Rain and the Dirtfish out, he deserves every damn Crypto he earns!

When I was a kid if you said stuff like that about the people providing food and shelter to the dependent, you got thrown out for the Meatheads and the Red Jenny! I hope for your sake you never have kids, god knows it's undisciplined parents like you that're why the filters are failing.

It was blatant ad-homenim journalistic malpractice to talk about his personal life. I say, with the stress on his shoulders, he can take every damn Catgirl in the factory if he wants! Hell, if you weren't lying about that new Petworks he wants to make, I say go for it! There's plenty of people who'd be better there than on my couch day in day out!

And these are just the worst ones! It's like this day after day, you keep talking about handout after handout for food, for beds for the giant babies who can't handle the Claw-Men. Don't we have prisons for that? Don't we have workhouses if you really can't get a real job like the rest of us?

If people talked like that, we wouldn't have invented bio-mods or the Rust filters, we would've died when the first storms hit! so grow up, stop living in your fantasy world of oranges-and-tomatoes every day and toe the line like us regular citizens. For god's sake, be normal!
-Sincerely, Frank D'lambro