's 2020 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Plakis Morakis

fgt[ You don't understand why this "SEE REAL GHOSTS AND ENVISION THEIR DEATHS" advertisement was any more interesting than the other clickbait ads that flow by your vision as you browse esoteric websites, but it was almost as if your hand was compelled to click it.

Unsurprisingly, the resulting link immediately downloaded something to your computer.





Just as you were about to close out of the obviously fake and badly formatted “ghost”, you suddenly felt the sensation - the feeling? - of sitting in front of a screen not like your own. The room almost feels unwashed, as you see a game you swear you’ve heard talk about but never actually played. Then, you hear the banging of a door and the sensation of searing pain through your head.      And then it stops. You are back at your regular computer and desk… and you feel like want to look at the rest of these images.

   As you read the screen, you fade into the scene of a darkened living room, and you feel as if your body is… smaller. As the TV that is now in front of you turns on, you feel a ping of nostalgia for something you don’t remember. Everything almost seems blurry, like a childhood memory that you wish you could see more clearly. Before you can see what is on screen, however, you hear something large loosen and break above you before you are shunted out of the vision.

   You find yourself in a horrid, starved state, being led -or rather, dragged- down a series of grey halls that are stained with things you don’t want to think about. You feel yourself try to reach out at any door you pass, but are hopeless to do anything as your vision blurs in and out. You feel yourself being thrown onto a cold, metal table, and the last thing you feel before you snap back to your reality is a sharp steel blade touching your neck.

   Your vision blurs into the sight of a decrepit, wooden wall that appears to have been long marred by the sheer amount of writing and items plastered onto it.Various, foul tools before you, and you notice you appear to be on an homemade altar of some sorts. Various memories that are not your own, of strange places, creatures, and feelings of a lost loved one flash in your vision. You find yourself holding a rusted metal torch, and you fade back to reality as the flames cover you.

  You feel yourself pulled -almost faster than the others- into a struggle in a dark alley until it all goes black. You then find yourself strapped down and helpless in a long-abandoned place you don’t recognize, and you feel yourself alternate between a blurry subconscious daze and the internal (and sometimes external) screams of a body that is being violently attacked.

  And then the program crashes. Shaken by it all, you look around at your usual surroundings. You swear that before the vision set in you saw yet another “NEXT” button on the screen, but you don’t feel in the mood for it after what you witnessed. You decide to go back to what you were doing before you saw it all, in the hopes that it will become yet another bad memory.