's 2020 Horror Write-off:

Submitted by Anonymous

They thought the house was haunted.
When she died the house was left alone, far too long perhaps had it been since a human had walked these halls. It had gone to the vermin now, paper nests in the walls, buzzing in the air, holes through the insulation. They had lived here with her, and now she leaves them behind, all to care for the old home in their own ways. They remembered her.

The House had been empty, quiet, peaceful for years, until the new tenants came. Slowly they refurbished the house, fixed the walls and windows, cleaned the dust and droppings, shreds of photos and newspapers left behind from years prior.

The tenants lived their noisy lives, they destroyed and reshaped rooms, ransacked heirlooms.. until they heard her voice again, saw her Walking the hallways and greeting the old family as their wings buzzed in the air. They missed her so. Her voice resonated in a strange way that hung in one's ears, a way that caused your hair to stand on end. An instinctual response.

She wanted them gone so she could sleep peacefully again, but the new tenants simply weren't reasonable. They took her home from her, her memories, her only rest. The longer she was awake, the less she felt like herself. She began screaming. Crying. She threw tantrums and hurled what she could, trying to drive them out. It hurt to continue being when she only wished for peace. Small, Sad eyes watched her plight and buzzed with her, trying to give comfort.

Finally the old family had enough of her pain, they did their best to bring her back, give her a chance at life once more but she couldn't rest again until she had peace. Finally they came from the walls, all of the old family. Mandibles open, stingers bared. her pain was theirs, her voice in their wings, they descended upon the new tenants and drove them out. The new tenants ran, the old family was too big, the stings hurt too much.

They knew it wouldn't be long until they joined her, the new tenants would return, likely to eliminate them, perhaps even the house too, but they were happy, and so was she, they had their peace, one last hurrah.

They composed her form from their shredded nests and papers, photos and dust. All for one final Moonlit dance. She thanked them for their years of thankless service, she the family let her rest. The Dust finally settled, the Moonlight faded, and for the first time in years, the house was Quiet once more.