's 2020 Horror Write-off:

Horses. Let Me tell you something about horses.

Submitted by Madamoiselle Medb Alma

I've got to do something about horses.
The clacking, the clacking, the screaming, their chewy hides.
It disgusts me. I fucking loathe it.
They trample my grounds. they carry my enemies.

I hurt their children. It's Fair. Skin them. blind them. Skin them. Tan their hair.
I Shoot their screaming parents with poison. Watch them Choke. I play. I Tell enemies where they are. I eat.
I hurt their filthy beasts, too. Bite them. Take their hooves. Blame it on the dirt rats.
I put flies in them. And I sleep in their cousins fur. The white ones.

When I see other men my size, I wave at them. But most of the green wearing ones like horses.
I don't get it.
They came over the sea with horses. They should know how bad horses are. Gross. Gross. Gross.

Jarbidge likes horses with bread. I understand that. He Chews the leathery men, too, like they're soft. So, the horses provide a tougher texture to him. Not my taste.

The worst horses are the iron ones.
They're loud. They clatter. They scream.
They stay on certain paths. They're the best ones.

Horse riders come in browns and pinks. Horses come in more colors. Gross colors.
Their eyes are slick. wet. Bitter. Bad soup stock. I can pull their ribs out. Too easily. Make them bleed from the nose. Too easily. Too disrespectful to be durable.

When I bounce over hills, the horses trip me. I hate that. Always in the way. Always so stupid. Always running. Like idiots.

I come up to their knees. Makes it easier to BREAK them. Serves them right for Crushing my village. The Horned Gods have more respect than horses. The trickster coyotes have more respect.

The other short men across the ocean turn into horses. I hate Horses too much to sully myself like that, even to get my mountains back. I just intoxicate them. Make them kill their riders. And then make their meat bad.

Horses that kill their riders provide me with free food. I like them. I hate their pity of me.

The horses made the riverfolk into horse riders, and then they took our mountains. Fuck 'em.

I am Small. They are large and rude. I am venomous. They don't appreciate poison like I do. And they ride HORSES. Damn the humans in my mountain.

They don't have horns. Horses are useless. Can't eat them. At least their tits get me drunk.
I'm doing it again, aren't I? Fucking horses. I just want to kill the fucking num's already and hope the horses go with them.
Eat Them.

Creator, damn you. Why did he make us so short? And why do the small horses have our names. "Punni." Fuck em. Missing the "nu." Like the opposite of people that they are.