's 2020 Horror Write-off:

It Won't Heal Right

Submitted by Kintatsujo

Found a zit on my chest today. Hate that so much, they hurt and all that soft tissue makes it harder to go at. And they take forever to heal.


I've been having to go at it in the shower. The blood wells up too fast and I can't see what I'm doing. Maybe if I used a sewing pin I could get at that little hard bit that seems to have formed deep under the pus?


It healed over (I've been kind of busy lately) but the zit seems to have come back. It seems I can't leave it alone or it won't heal right. Had to dig at it with tweezers and a nail clipper to get all the scar tissue out.


It seems like the deeper I go the more I find.


I can't remember what my breast looked like before this stupid zit.


I have to get it out. I have to get it all out, or it won't heal right. At least it doesn't seem to hurt when I'm working on it anymore.


"So, nurse, how's the patient today?"

"Doing pretty well; she's surprisingly aware despite still recovering from losing so much blood. The only issue is..."


"Well, she keeps picking at her bandages."

"...We may have to restrain her, nurse. She needs to leave her injuries alone or that amateur mastectomy she gave herself isn't going to heal right."