's 2020 Horror Write-off:

midnight whispers

Submitted by tacoking18

I am someone best described as odd and that is not without good reason, after all one of my favorite hobbies is to walk the empty streets of a long abandoned neighborhood in the dead of night. Despite how empty the streets are in that chilling neighborhood it has never frightened me, that is until I heard what I could best describe as a whispering coming from around a corner. Now, I have walked through those streets every night for three months straight and neither seen nor heard anyone at all. Worst of all was that around the corner there was nothing at all, although I could hear it as clear as day just before I turned that corner. I ran home that night. Every night after that there was the very same whispering but now it seemed to move, one second it was about two feet away down one corner, the next it was just around a completely different corner from the previous one. I stopped taking my midnight walks after the first week, much to my disappointment, because that were one of the few things I truly enjoyed, but little did I know that ending my walks was not going to be the end of my mysterious whispering friend, because it was only a matter of time before I started to hear the very same whispering in my very own home. I did what any man in their right mind would and called a priest to bless the house, to no effect. The whispering returned the very next night, and every night at that exact same time, every time, the exact second the clock on the wall ticked over to midnight, it would start up. Around corners and in locked rooms, in any area I couldn't see from where I was standing. No matter what I did or were I was it was there, but only at midnight, at the exact second the clock ticked to one, it would fade away just as suddenly and crypticaly as it came, it would be gone the first few weeks were unbearable but over time I got used to it, but then as I listened closer and heard the voice, I discovered that it was my voice. I apparently was standing just on the other side of my bedroom door whispering. I couldn't hear what “I” was saying but I don't think I really wanted to. I locked the door and shoved a dresser in front of it to stop “me” from getting in and went to sleep after the whispering had already faded. I still haven't seen “me” but I really don't want to, I’m not even sure that I am ME anymore.