's 2020 Horror Write-off:

The Midnight Sun

Submitted by Justin Best (email)

The Midnight Sun

by Justin Best 

One night I see a star brighter like any other. It’s moves slowly but by I assume t’s a plane,. But then I notice something strange about it. it’s not a plane. It’s the brightest thing I’ve ever seen. Eventually it comes closer, I feel it getting hotter, and before I know it, I melt. Every molecule, in my body evaporates but I’m not dead mentally I exist but physically I don’t. Seconds

feel like eternity, eternity feels like seconds I become solid but I’m a different lifeform, I become every lifeform in existence. I become human, and it disappears just as fast as it came. I look around but nothing seems out of the ordinary. I still don’t know what that mysterious midnight sun was