's 2020 Horror Write-off:

The Snowman

Submitted by Deadbearfan

It was a cold day, snow all over the small town where little Billy lived. billy had an average life, today he felt rather excited. The snow filling him with joy knowing his friends would be coming over to sled with him. Billy heard a knock upon his door, opening it to his friends Jim, Tommy, and Andy.

"Hey Billy, wanna go out and make a snowman with us?" Andy asked, surprising billy. Every year they had gone sledding, Billy was so used to getting asked to go sledding that this was alien to him. "Don't you guys want to go sledding?" Billy asked, still in shock of them not wanting to sled.

"Nah sledding gets boring after doing it for the past 3 years y'know" Andy remarked, Billy noticed something odd in Tommy's hands. It was an old magicians hat, clearly worn out due to time. "It's a hat I found in an alley, thought we could put it on our snowman!" Tommy said, clearly too excited over a dirty old hat. "Alrighty, whatever you say" Billy exclaimed, confused but intrigued so they headed to a large field.

They all knew this field well, even if it was quite cut off from the main part of the town. "Get to work, nerds," Jim said, smirking to himself.

Jim has always been the jerky one of the group, Billy knew that all too well. They rolled snow into balls, putting together a snowman. The snowman was not the best, quite broken and crooked. "Well then I'll go put the hat onto the snowman!" Tommy said, still happy as could be. Tommy put the hat on the snowman, but as he did the snowman began to change. It's simple stick arms began to grow longer, growing sharp fingers. Stick similar to the arms began growing out of the bottom, into 8 long legs. Its head went through the most, the carrot falling out and the head growing longer.

Holes forming in the face to become a long grin with a giant open mouth and two long wide eyes. In the eyes and mouth were a void, but it was darker than any void.

It was a black without black, without anything really. A place where nothing is and nothing will be, the boys backed up. Quickly growing scared, then Tommy began to run the others following him. They heard something shoot up, it sounded as if a giant gun had fired into the sky. They looked back and the snowman was gone, but as the boys looked to Tommy they saw where the snowman ended up.

Tommy had the sticks going through his head, exiting through his mouth, his expression was one of a man who has seen the minds worst. Something that shouldn't be, but was brought into his mind. Suddenly, the snowman dived into the snow, his body molding into the snow. He popped his head up, swarming around the boys like a giant snake.

Andy tried jumping over the snow worm, he got about half way over it before a giant snow head chomped onto him, Its mouth had hundreds of long wooden sticks, all of them stabbing into andy. Andy screamed as the snowman dragged him deep into the snow.

Even if it was just a sheet, the snowman had dragged him deeper into the snow than it should've been able to. Jim curled up into a ball, scared out of his skin.

Billy just ran for his life, not exactly paying attention to his surroundings. Andy heard a loud slam and looked up. Noticing Billy had run into a tree. Billy had gotten a stick in his chest, he wasn't dead however. The snowman had suddenly jumped out of a snow pile a few feet behind billy. Walking closer, its face a long crooked grin with thousands of wooden teeth. It appeared to dance over to Billy, before suddenly shoving his chest deeper into the tree until Billy stopped moving. The snowman turned to Jim, its neck cracking and snapping as it turned to look at him. Jim got up to run but cut his finger on a rock. The snow around Jim began to enter the cut.

He tried to stop it but it was no use. The snow filled Jim like a stuffing fills a toy until Jim collapsed dead. Jim's body began to shake, the snowman slowly getting up.

The snowman had a new way to stay alive longer, its face turning into a devilish grin as it ran back to Billy's house.