's 2020 Horror Write-off:

The Visitor

Submitted by Drearygloomscales

The Visitor

It was a gloomy Sunday night, and Justin's parents had just tucked him in to bed after letting him to stay up past his usual bedtime. It was the first time he’d been up so late, and after a long day at running around in the park and bike trail with his best friend Violet, the adrenaline rush that made Justin feel like one of the cool, high school kids town the street gave him a thrill he couldn’t shake off, hence why he was still laying under the covers, clad in his favorite striped pajamas, staring up at the ceiling, his eyes wide open. There was no way he’d be getting to sleep tonight, and tomorrow was going to end up being a long, bad, day at school, and just when he’d started wanting to impress Violet these days.  

He vaguely wondered if she’d started having sleepless nights like him ever since they both turned 13. Probably not. She was always very quiet and mature for her age, but was a bit shy and awkward around anyone that wasn't Justin, and the stark contrast between the two friends made him sometimes question how they got along so well. Maybe if he managed to keep his eyes open during school tomorrow he’d ask her. Suddenly, Justin heard a definite creaking sound come from the hallway outside his closed door. Justin immediately sat bolt upright on his elbows, eyes as wide and dilated as an owl's, or so he hoped they were. Was there a robber or something in the house? No there couldn't be. Every night his dad locked the front and back doors to the house just to be safe, and if anybody wanted to break in, they'd create such a racket that it'd have woken both his parents up, but as Justin got out of bed and opened his for just a crack, he say that his parent's bedroom door was quite closed. What was going on here?

There it was again, a low creaking like pressure on old wood, only this time it sounded closer, right at the foot of the stairs at the end of the hall, which happened to be a straight shot to Justin's room. Goosebumps erupted on the back of Justin's neck as he crouched on the carpeted floor of his room, opening his door a crack and cautiously peeking out into the hallway.

He saw it. A large lump. An impossible lump beneath the carpet floor, sitting there at the end of the hallway. It reminded Justin of something a mole or rabbit might do in an old cartoon, only this was far from fun. The lump sat there, silent, like it was waiting for something to happen. Justin was starting to get very creeped out. He had no idea what exactly was going on, and he was too afraid to make any sudden moves.

Suddenly the lump sped forward at impossible speed, moving underneath the fine carpet like it was water. Terrified, Justin slammed his door shut, certain that the sound would wake his parents up. He waited a few, breathless moments, hoping to hear their sleepy voices out in the hall asking him what was going on, but nothing. He heard nothing as, horribly, the lump seemed to have flattened itself and squeezed under Justin's bedroom door, popping right back up to size. It sat there as Justin stood on his bed, staring at it with wide, scared eyes. For a few moments neither of them moved, then the lump sped so fast under Justin's bed that he collapsed onto his knees and began backing away until his head thumped the wall. He had nowhere to go, and if his parent's hadn't heard his door slam, then no doubt they wouldn't hear him if he started yelling for help. Whatever this lump thing was, it was doing something to the sound of his house, or at the very least any sounds Justin made.

Justin's insides scrambled and his heart dropped in his chest as the lump then appeared under his covers, only this time it had more shape to it. It was longer and thinner, like a tall body that was hunched over, and in the next instant, Justin saw why. From beneath his blue bedsheets reached the greyest, boniest, most disgusting hands he’d ever seen. They wide, easily able to engulf his entire head, and the skin was transparent, purple veins pulsating. The fingers were long and gangly, and seemingly multi-jointed as they snapped and cracked, gripping the mattress. Then came the arms, impossibly thin and shaking violently. Justin started to shake himself, and hugged his knees in fright as he glimpsed the thing's eyes from beneath the covers. Two, tiny blue orbs in the darkness, peering directly at him, unblinking.

He didn't dare think about what might happen next.

The eerie blue eyes gazed at him, the long arms gripping the sides of his bed like the thing was trying to hold itself steady. Without warning, the thing peeked its head out from beneath the covers to reveal the head of his friend Violet, only it wasn't truly her. Her pale skin was thinly stretched over an elongated skull, the jaw broken, mouth stuck in a grotesque howl. Her usual short black hair was instead long and slick with what looked like oil, draping over her face like wet curtains. The entire sight made Justin sick to his stomach, and his heart drop somewhere in-between his ribs, but before he could muster any sort of response the creature spoke, broken jaw unmoving, in a voice that sounded like it had been recorded over a phone.

"Hey Justin Violet here, uh, wanted to ask if you... um... wanted to maybe, head over to the movies after school tomorrow? Maybe catch that new film that just released? But yeah... if you're... you know... free, just let me know. Kay, see you." 

The voice was Violet's.