's 2020 Horror Write-off:


Submitted by Abe Estos

It was 3:07 AM. Brian, Fred, and I planned on spending the night partying. We drank beer to get drunk, and energy drinks to stay awake. It was an attempt to recreate the best times we had in our lives. But those times had gone, and the party inevitably slowed down to a crawl. We tried keeping ourselves awake with crappy movies and stupid games. We were getting desperate. It could only have been a combination of alcohol, boredom, caffeine, and delirium that gave Fred the idea to go to the Winger place. The Winger place was once a regular house but had been abandoned ever since the Wingers had been found inexplicably braindead in the living room. I said it was a stupid idea, since I still knew that it was stupid kids like us who died in the movies. Fred shut up.

Later, Fred said he had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t really question it until he returned a half an hour later holding a VHS tape, grinning. I asked him if he found it at the Wingers. He said he found it at the Wingers in the VHS player. I said that’s probably what killed the Wingers. He just smiled and put the VHS tape in our player. By then I had accepted we were going to die and couldn’t really muster the energy to care. He pressed play and that was that.

There were some strange symbols and a creature appeared. It had six limbs, no head, and a face on its body. It looked fake as hell, but so did Brian’s dog after some douche ran over it and drove away. In a voice that was strangely more organic than a human, it began to talk.

“Your bodies are false.” It said, “Gaze upon my form. Does it look Familiar? No?”

Then a cacophony of noises and images came. I would’ve jumped if I could’ve move. I was trapped in my own body, terrified. I tried to find a way out, my soul scraping the edge of my being like a trapped animal. And then It broke. I felt another body. One with six limbs. One with a plug instead of a head. There was a wire coming out.

“Unplug.” The creature said as Brian fell unconscious.