's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Putrid Painting

Submitted by Jac R. B. (Jacobguy)

I never liked going to my grandpa's Manor. I mean, Dont get me wrong having a rich grandpa is really awesome and all that, but his house? it was just not right. there was....something about it, i cant place it

wait no, thats not right, I can place EXACTLY why I didnt like it

it was that horrible painting.

for some reason he insisted on putting it at the end of the the longest, darkest, least maintained Hallway in the entire manor, but if you asked him about it hed pretend to not hear you.

It wouldnt have been a problem at all if he didnt have his guest and bathrooms down that hallway. so naturally, when my parent told me id be staying here for the weekend i wasnt thrilled.

We had a good time out on the town, eating out, shopping around from store to store. But then the time came to settle down Im a bit ashamed to admit, but i protested like a child.

My grandfather wouldnt have it though, and off to the guest room i went.

lo and behold, there it was as always. It had a beautiful golden frame, but the painting itself depicted some sort of creature, shaped like a person without facial features, save for a lipless mouth of blunt teeth. its form was emaciated, and its skull was horribly swollen. but worst of all was how the creature was depicted as constantly regurgitating. it was this that gave it a wave of nausea with every glance. it was painted like that ever so infamous painting of cronos devouring his kids.

it made me sick to look at going to bed, like it was beaming malice at me. it didnt really effect me all that much as i slept.

until, that is, I had to use the bathroom.

so in the dead of night, in darkened halls, i had to come out and approach the damn thing just to make my way to the restroom.

maybe its an appropriate place i thought. Its right by the toilet for how it makes you feel sick.

I almost chuckled at that as I entered the bathroom, but on the way in, I thought i heard someone mumble something.

i stopped, and I listened for whoever could be talking, taking care not to have the painting in my sight....

I listened ........



" is where you've been....."

"Who said that?!"

" have to come back......."


"....we NEED you back......."

it was then that i felt something dripping down onto my back.

I turned to look...



it came OUT OF THE PAINTING to garb me as putrid bile dribbled down its chin.

"you wont get away again....."