's 2017 Horror Write-off:

The One

Submitted by Jac R. B. (JacobGuy)

I find myself, again within a plain, dark room. Nothing but a single table, at which sits a single being.

They are like an indistinct, globular and gray mix of a man and a dolphin. sitting, seemingly impatiently at a table, staring me down.

"So, We've finally go you. How long's it been? 5, 6 eternities?"


"Right, that whole thing. You don't remember a thing do you?"

"uh, No"

"Hah, the more things change, the more they stay the same as the things you chose say"

"what do you mean by that?"

"heh, think about it. What, pray tell, exactly do you think you are?"


"Did It ever occur to you that all of this is not right? not normal? You're already heavily Underreacting for what a Human in your situation would do. and you've been down this road so many times."


"Remember. Remember..." for a moment, it felt like my brain was going to explode. I look down at myself only to realize that I too was strange, globular, indistinct and gray. My features shifted and changed before my eyes like a mirage that came and went. millions of traits. limbs, colors, appendages all coming and going in mere instances as it all broke out in my mind.

Thousands of lives, billions even, all replaced by me. the moment they were born they were replaced, and no one even knew. Not even me. it was so perfect, so insidious, how could i have ever realized.
The friendships, the loves, the families, enemies, jobs how could I have done this? I took so much from so many and I never even knew.

and then, it came to me. them

they knew from the beginning. I I was one of them the whole time and they knew, thats how they kept finding me

the being, the.. the secretary saw that I remembered, and they gave a smug, approving nod.

"Now that we're all caught up again, We've got some... Business to attend to..."

suddenly, I hear a loud clanging behind me. I turn to see a huge round cage-thing. Its body was like a sphere, with two little points for legs and long, thin and many jointed claws for limbs.
its head on a long neck, and eerily human, except for its perfectly round mouth.

the metal being teetered forward and leaned towards me.

"Finally nice to see you again, Hon"

It said this vindictively as a metal esophagus suddenly surged forth like a geyser and swallowed me down into the being's cage-body. I could see everything around me as it teetered and tottered towards a single doorway in a long, dark hall.

On the other side I'm met with the faces of countless... Hooligans

They're all here, The Cartoon, steve, the winders, even the Doctor all came to see me. Every one of them to ever exist now act as my jury, and The Foul one is my judge.

among all the burning lights that they were, They were the cold, dark hole that kept them in check. they loomed over me as the crowd shouted and screamed. Despite the noise, they did not need to silence them once. The sheer power of their will kept it above all the rest.

"For so Long you avoided us and defied us, defied your kin, your brothers and sisters, and worst of all, your Creator. You hurt us and you ran, time and time again. you had forsaken your own kind, and worst of all, you... You..."

the roaring crowd comes to a massive crescendo of noise and suddenly silence. A light creeps down from above, swallowing everything. every hooligan is still.