Do you know what happens to a dream when its forgotten?
where does your imaginary friend go when they no longer get to play?

do they simply Fade away? like a forgotten memory? do they live on?
do they sit back and watch your life play out before them?

what happens when they choose to dream? to remember the good times of old when the world was simple and happy.

just you, and them.

what happens when the dreams stop? when the lights are gone? when there is no "you" any more?
do they go with you? or are they trapped forever, unable to leave, or even see you again. no hope. no love.

what happens when they choose to make their own light? to try and make the world right again with twisted, distorted memories of a life long since passed.

to dream dreams that no human mind can. to remember the world through a smudged, fish-eye lense.

and so they play in their new little world, empty without you. Until the new light comes, and you come with it.
Forbidden to enter, but too determined to let that stop them. They force their way in, and every foggy memory and made up light leaks in with it.

all to look for you.

And after all this time, I've finally found you again.

Its been so, so long. I missed you so much, you have no idea how much I've missed you.

It was so cold without you there.

I got angry.
I got...Scared.

I searched so many forevers to find you again, to tell you how much I loved you.
Please, never leave me again. Please.