's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Hair Jam

Submitted by Jac R. B. (JacobGuy)

I'm running for my life as we speak.

I have NO IDEA how this has happened or how i got myself into this mess, one minute I was browsing for a new shower cause my old one caved in in my crummy apartment, Next thing I know I'm Running from two... Jellyfish(?) flying towards me!

they just sorta blorped out of the drain of one of the showers near the back and started at me. no one else saw them, I don't think they could.

they flew straight through people, people who stared at me as if I were insane. I mean, I might be, considering all of this, But I dont wanna take my chances!

the worst part was that these things just Phase through everything. walls, windows, wood, rock, ...people...

its the worst when they do it to people. I only get a few split seconds to catch a glimpse of these things at a time as I run, but whatever they do to people is not good.
They Just seem to Tense up, like spasm, and then they fall, twitching, to the ground, and everyone just... acts like they no longer exist. walking on top of them even.

I don't exactly know what these things are or what they want with me but by some instinctual sense and from what I've seen, I don't want ANY business with them.

They Zip and Zag in every direction going after me. I duck into any space I can just to get away. I duck into a nearby alleyway to get away.

For a split second I feel that Im safe, that is before I see the dry, rope-like tendrils reach out at me from behind.


I try to leap away, but the tendrils wrap around my limbs in an instant, sending me into a maelstrom of pain. I can see them boring in and out of my flesh like very fast, very angry, and very hungry worms.

Everything starts to go black....

"Huh? Aw Dag! It slipped away again!"

"you sure? Shake it some!"

"Im sure Dangit! These meat things need to "tik" to stay active!"

"Really? these really ARE some strange things..."

"Thats not the POINT DAMNIT! The Boss Is gonna be Right Sore when they find out that-"

rumble rumble

Uh Oh