's 2017 Horror Write-off:

Blurry Stan

Submitted by Jac R. B. (JacobGuy)

make him go away, please
Hes been here for so long and he wont leave me alone
My hands are shaking, id be crying if i hadn't cried out all of my tears.
Please, please, p l e a s e

Someone, anyone

help me.

I never should've gone to that lake at night.
If i didn't, maybe he wouldn't have stood up out of the water like he did.
Even in the pitch darkness, I could see his eyes
God his eyes

They were like real, they're Not real..
its like they were made of ink but they werent At the same time....

He scares me so bad, please

I see him everywhere all the time, just to the edge of my eyes, staring so intensely. Flickering like a shadow cast from candle light.
Blurry like hes far away or maybe made of black dust.

He doesn't blink.....
i don't know of he even can

Hes just.... always there sticking to the edges of my vision like an eye floater.

He does it on purpose to me.

I KNOW, because he lets you look away.

Please.... please i don't want to look anymore, but i cant look away


When i don't look, i can feel him breathing.




All the way down my spine

Hes so close to me, and yet he wont go away

Its just a game to him, a silly little game.


Please, i know you can read it over my shoulder please.

I can see your smile in my screen

I don't even care if I don't have wi-fi anymore or that my cat isn't a cat anymore

Please im begging you

Please just.... stop smiling at me

What do you want from me stan, youve already won your game

I dont want to feel your long, long, fingers on the back of my neck anymore



I cant live like this anymore

Please i dont want to play anymore

I dont want to play anymore

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