Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


This is our very last Appmon review page, which I saved for last because it's got my OTHER favorite Ultimate Appmon!



But first...here's another variant on an existing one, this time an address book resembling Diarimon. Not as good without the glowing "eye" in the keyhole.



Awww, this phone app's whole arms are flip phones! I liked flip phones. I can't text on these all-digital things!



You can tell by looking this one was made to be another "main character" Appmon. It's a search engine app, which I wouldn't have expected to look like such a mean little bastard...or maybe I should have.



A "translation app" with a very fun visual style, more along the lines of the cartoonier Digimon such as Garbagemon and Gekomon! I guess it's supposed to look like some kind of weird bird.



CUUUTE! A smug little reviewer of basically anything and everything, about to send off a lousy two star review as we speak! A hoodie conceals everything but the big, pink lips and jagged teeth of this little cat-like demon, and it's just such a fun, visually distinct set of features.



Another I don't mind having a palette swap, this one is referred to as a "gossip review" app, so, it's more like a reviewer of people, said to act as an "underground informant" that will divulge confidential information about anyone you want. Wow. An Appmon for doxxing and callout posts I guess. SCOUNDREL!



This "setup app" is a variation on Tellermon's design, but the three eyes give it a more bug-like impression. In fact, at first glance, I mistook its dangling cloth for a set of nubby spider-like legs. Would've been cooler that way, but ah well, still not bad.



Oh. OHHHHHH. I'm pretty sure this is the cartoon bird monster that came first, with that other one being the variant, because this one is literally supposed to be twitter. I get it now. Of course they model Twitter like a garbage-type digimon! It's just said to "spread anything it finds interesting" and "rattle on about all sorts of information to those it follows."



The messaging Appmon, and another "reskin," but also another reskin of a fairly interesting body type in this series. I like that their little ghosty tails make them look like word balloons.



I like how remarkably badass this mailman looks. It's even got multiple arms, and little paper airplane minions with menacing, fanged looking faces! I LOVE those!




I reviewed this one years ago, and my opinions still stand. Whereas Gomimon was garbage themed because it was a deletion app, this thing is the ACTUAL Appmon version of all those "failed" garbage digimon! Sukasimon is an app that didn't download correctly! It is absolutely wonderful that they represent this with a dopey-looking froggy-tongued ghost that it has oblivious white eyes, that it's posed like it's totally confused and doesn't even care, and that it's patterned like a bunch of multicolored, glitched out puzzle pieces. Every single aspect of it is so stylish, and communicates its concept so well! Of course a failed app is basically a trash ghost!!!



Haha, you can tell this is officially their upgrade to the "tweet" Appmons, and its head does appear to use a "word balloon" as a pointy-nosed face, which is very clever. It also has a mustache of commas, dreamy anime eyes and a gaudy, excessive wardrobe to symbolize the idea of putting on a social front. In fact, it's said to be extremely shy in person, but "talkative and blunt" on social media. Aren't we all??



A "log off" app. Is that an app? I guess so. I guess every process is technically an app, isn't it. Logamon is pretty silly, another anime werewolf man looking Appmon, but with belts holding its jaws shut!



The logIN Appmon on the other hand is a minor modification to robocop looking Appmons we've seen before, and I don't care much more about him than I did the others. As a counterpart to the Logoff appmon, this really should have been something thematic as the foil to a wolf. A sheep? A woodsman? A red riding hood? A domestic dog? A combination of any two or three of those? Wasted opportunities galore.



An advanced search engine Appmon, which means everything that was fun looking about Gatchmon is kind of lost.



Okay, I'm glad a direct evolution to Reviewmon and Kosomon at least retains their mouth, though it's now part of the Appmon's hat, which is pretty unique! It does appear that it's still considered this thing's actual mouth, since the face is just a couple of glowy eyes peeking out of a mouthless robotic mask. The rest of it is also a mechanical centaur dressed up like a newsboy, which is all really wacky and weird and just a whole lot of fun! Too bad Gossipmon is apparently the one ruining our society right now, since it's a master of spreading lies and rumors around the internet.




This one is a..."mind control" app? That can't possibly be a thing. The design is okay, mostly saved by the presence of spooky, creepy false eyes (if they even are false) throughout its body.



A "global data app" or something like that, seemingly the more heroic counter to Charismon and therefore less fun. Get at least ONE weird extra eye and we'll talk, pal!



And so at last, we come to our very final Appmon to review and the ONLY other Ultimate level Appmon I can count among my favorites, for immediately obvious reasons. Virusmon may have been my first pick for a visually suitable Ultimate upgrade, but I'm still plenty satisfied that this honor went to Sukasimon. Damedamon is more dinosaur-like, but still ghostly and colorful, now with toxic smoggy breath that "infects its surroundings with bad luck!" I like the blocky teeth a whole lot, what I tend to think of as "pumpkin teeth," and I also really love the sad look in its eyes. It's described as "pitiful," and it emits its cursed breath by sighing, so in contrast to the carefree Sukasimon, this one both knows and laments that it's a failure!