As with Devimon, we're going to place Ogremon at the start of this review, since he's considered an important series character and appeared years before any related evolutionary stages, and you have to admit he's pretty boss. I can't imagine you feeling disappointed by this Digimon if ogres, orcs and trolls are your favorite thing, with pretty much every hallmark of the goblinoid archetype; muscles, battle scars, tats, piercings, horns, a big bone that he hits things with, and of course a lack of any shirt.

Ogremon is also another nod to American entertainment, though it's an easy one to miss at first:

Ogremon's entire facial structure, from his eye shape to the tip of his oversized jaw, is pretty much lifted straight from Violator, the demonic enemy of Todd McFarlane's Spawn, and it won't even be the last time a Digimon borrows this look either!

Unlike his infernal lookalike, Ogremon isn't entirely a bad guy. He begins Digimon Adventure as a minion of Devimon, but by the second season, he's more of a rowdy antihero willing to work together with the kids to defeat still greater villains, and solidified himself as a fan favorite. Who doesn't love a big, loud, violent asshole who's really a big softie?

Best of all, Ogremon has a totally ROCKIN' theme song that he alternately sings and just plain yells his way through:



A proper child stage for Ogremon would only come later, though I can't say I really like Goblimon as much, and I think it's just because the muzzle, more like a cartoon ape, just looks too dorky combined with those Sonic the Hedgehog eyes and little shock of hair. You looked like an utter goof as a kid, Ogremon. No wonder you overcompensate so hard now.



Yes, by necessity, we will sometimes have to just repeat past Digimon, because while Ogremon never used to have a designated Perfect stage, recent video games have actually assigned good old Digitamamon to this role, and the thought of big, bad Ogremon turning into a goofy little waddling egg is pretty great, although this is basically just an intermediate stage for the next Digimon, a sort of "chrysalis" if you will.


Titamon here is a Digimon especially conceived to be the Ultimate stage Ogremon can evolve into, and I really do love that they chose Digitamamon to be the bridge between the two. Ogremon cocoons himself as an egg monster full of pure darkness, and what comes out is this kaiju-sized green man with a cool as heck face, a studded green jacket, an eyeball codpiece, giant skulls for shoulders and an oversized sword fashioned from a Skullgreymon.

Did we also mention the dozens of more human-sized skulls contained within his armored forearms? We don't get to see this happen in anything yet, but one of Titamon's secret attacks is said to revive these skulls as an entire undead army!

In his first video game appearance, one of Titamon's possible opening lines is simply: