Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Hey digifans, how irritating is it that I use the original (arguably only correct) Digimon names just sort of whenever and the English names just sort of also whenever? Sorry. I'm gonna maybe try to be more consistent. Or not. Whatever! I like the name Piccolomon better than the English Pixiemon for this one, the last of our mini-size ball-shaped Perfect Digimon. In the anime, this little creep was giving a Yoda-like role of a mysterious, all-knowing trainer who lived in his own isolated palace and loaded the kids up with chores.

As a design, I'm kinda indifferent to this one, but I do respect that even a "cute" concept such as this pink fuzzball has a bit of an edge in the classic Digimon style, with claws and muscles and those cool stitched-together angel wings. Early artwork also seems to indicate that the whole species can be fairly violent, burning other Digimon either for some kind of ritualistic offering or perhaps because they're flesh-eaters. Maybe it's both, like the Ewoks, who were really pretty sick little bastards.