Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


We mentioned Whamon earlier as a possible evolution for Raremon, though strangely enough, Whamon began as an Adult stage and was later retconned into a Perfect level. Both are kind of treated as still "canon," so Whamon is one of several Digimon that can, technically, digivolve into the same exact thing with higher stats.

Whamon is another great example of how gritty Digimon used to be, regardless of their animal basis or even their role. This is basically a cetacean xenomorph with a body that appears to be in the process of decomposing, yet it's typically been cast as a fairly friendly Digimon and even had a kindly voice in its early anime appearances. I know I'm biased towards it and all, but I feel like Raremon makes a whole lot of sense for this to evolve from. Raremon is pretty much a globster and globsters are usually just decaying whale remains. It's like Gizamon erupted into a huge mass of rotten blubber to then sort itself back into an only kinda rotten whale monster.



Interestingly, Whamon's "most official" evolution is one of the tiniest Ultimates in the franchise. Whereas Marin Devimon was a giant squid-man, his angelic equivalent is based on a real-world "sea angel," just like Pokemon's Manaphy! I like the idea that a clionid is the most supreme form that can be taken by various huge sea monsters.