Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


We're now back to another HIGHLY neglected monster. Has Pukumon made even a single animated appearance? Pukumon is kind of in that family of powerful but very small, mostly round digimon like the Mamemons, Pixiemon and Giromon, except this one's an Ultimate level, which means that the absolute final form of certain digimon can end up being a beefy-armed blowfish, and that list has, thus far, included Scorpiomon, Marinedevimon, the Seadramon line and even Dragomon. You know, Cthulhu!

What's truly wonderful about this digimon, however, is that it canonically has the personality of a "British punk," with one of its attacks even referred to as "Britain Punch," so you know this little bastard talks in an incredibly slurred, cockney accent with only the most obsolete and obscure British slang. Maybe that's why it hasn't appeared in an anime just yet. We simply aren't ready for something that beautiful and horrible. Wait, sorry, I mean BEAU'I'FL'N'OOORRIBLE...GUVNAH!