Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Getting straight back to the obscurities, this big cow man with a cybernetic gun arm is another Digimon that, like Whamon, was retconned at some point from an Adult to a Perfect and can technically evolve into itself. How funny would it be if there were Child and Ultimate versions, too? Minotaurmon just digivolves to Minotaurmon, Minotaurmon, Minotaurmon and Minotaurmon.

The most interesting design detail hear is clearly that there's a zipper embedded all the way down this minotaur's chest. Why? What's in there? Does he just need that much open-heart surgery? Actually...those eyes sure look like they're peering out of a lopsided mask. That entire "cow head" appears to be nothing but a hood!

As some commenters have also hit on, it turns out the gun arm is supposed to aim straight down like that because it just produces earthquakes. So we've got a big, burly, hairy man-thing who dresses like a minotaur in a patchwork bull skin, and his arm is a jackhammer. It's certainly more interesting than I thought it was, in any case.