Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


This is an interesting digimon because it eventually underwent a rather extreme design change, but not for the worse, and both designs still have strong merits. The original Cyberdramon has all the trappings of a classic demon digimon, with tattered red wings and full-body latex and a cool, translucent, eyeless mask giving it a little bit of a Giger vibe, but this is actually a vaccine digimon, one of the digimon protecting order!


So in the 2010 anime series, Cyberdramon was inexplicably updated into what looks like an entirely different species, and I wish it was, because I definitely like them both even if this version is far superior. Superior to a lot of digimon, really. Heavily playing up the giger angle, this design and especially this particular illustration of it are what the more decorated humanoids should be, because this still looks like a partially organic monster, and nothing about it really feels out of place. It just has a nice, consistent idea of what it wants to look like from head to toe, evenly decked out in a beautiful blue-purple exoskeleton with those rad transparent bubbles showing off its inner mechanics and membranous, latticework wings that shouldn't logically aid it in flight but at least look badass anyway.

Granted, that magnificent artwork did come a little after the design's anime debut, where it was a little less pretty, less organic in places, and more on the plastic action figure side...but still not bad. You still can't go wrong with that head! Look at it! That's gotta be one of the best heads of ANY digimon!