Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Parrotmon is SUCH a more interesting concept than it ought to be. How many times have you ever seen a tropical parrot as a giant kaiju-like monster? How often does anyone think of a parrot as big, scary beast material? They're always goofy little pets and sidekicks. Even in monster franchises they're frequently one of the smaller creatures, usually with sonic attacks or magic to compensate. But no, Parrotmon is a huge, terrifying, Perfect-level bird monster whose realistically adorable little fat parrot face has nothing but murder in its watery blue eyes, with clawed arms in addition to its wings and metallic plates bolted over its face and I guess also its cloaca, just in case the enemy digimon is going to pull that cheap a shot.


Sadly, Parrotmon's most official Ultimate stage loses all that monstrous parrot charm in favor of a metal-plated bird with little in the way of personality or flavor. It was actually adapted from a digimon Dot-art contest, meaning the entrant was only allowed to work in pixels, but you can still tell that his concept had eyes, and could have easily had a more Parrotmon-like look to it in the final design.