Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


I'm glad the type specimen of a "mermaid" in digimon terms is also a pirate captain. It's amazing just how seldom I've ever seen a piratical mermaid, which kind of implies a mermaid who appropriated gear from the scurvy villains she probably drowned in the first place. She even shows up later in the Xros Wars anime as the captain of her own ship, with a crew that includes Marindevimon! The anchor as a primary weapon is badass and I like the little anchor in her hair, too, that's another fun visual touch.

I just wish, as I usually do, that there'd been at least a little more to set this design apart from a human. I think human-like digimon should always have at least one "monstrous" feature, like they used to, whether oversized arms or sharpened teeth or an unhealthy skin tone, and her fushy tail just too plain and pretty to qualify. She'd have looked great with at least a more Arukenimon-like mouth.

Mermaimon is a Perfect level digimon, and she can evolve from several of the aquatic armor digimon we've reviewed recently, like that hilarious orca whale furry and even the tylosaur. She can also evolve fromt he dolphin digimon, but that's boring and obvious.

Also, sorry that I accidentally made her look like she had weirder, cooler eyes here. I've had to use an online tool to make Bandai artwork larger, and it screwed the heck out of some smaller details here.


Mermaimon can evolve into an ultimate-level mermaid, but it's part of a special set of digimon best reviewed later. Her one other appropriate Ultimate stage is Neptunemon, and it's...eh. I like that digimon evolutions have no regard for gender, but this is a pretty bland and straightforward "Neptune." The only cool thing about this design is the helmet that looks like one entire fish.