Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


The twelve deva digimon are a collection of perfect-level zodiac animals who all serve, and can evolve into, one of the four "sovereign" digimon.

Pig Deva and servant of Ebonwumon, Vikaralamon is a gigantic, round, perpetually smiling, sleepy pig monster; a description that gets better and better with every word. I love a good, shaggy boar creature, as I discussed at length in my review of Pokemon's Swinub, though I actually like this design a whole lot more than Mamoswine. I like the bulging roundness of its enormous head, which is also its body, the cartoonishness of its smile, the precise size and placement of its eyes and the cool blue skin contrasting its brown fur. Everything about this piggy is perfect, including the fact that one of its skills is listed as "sleeping with its eyes open" and one of its attacks is to "regurgitate black, sticky goo from its mouth."

...The name of this attack?


I even only just remembered that this is also my Zodiac animal. I don't think I ever appreciated or cared about that until this very moment.


Boar Bog.