Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Another manga-exclusive Digimon villain, which I guess means it should have come after Deathmon, but I put up Dobermon so there'd be a bigger review to read after I missed several days of updates in a row.

Parallelmon is a digimon who travels between parallel versions of reality, and is even capable of sending other objects, people and digimon between continuities, allowing characters from different Digimon series to meet up in the same manga. Unfortunately, Parallelmon's real goal is to absorb digimon tamers or digidestined to gain their power, making it one of the few digimon that exist specifically to hunt down humans.

Parallelmon has an appropriatelly ominous and slightly alien design for a dimension-hopping villain, borrowing a little from Diaboromon with its ropey sinew limbs and bony armor, while the simple, horned head and single eye look decidedly unlike anything else in digimon. It's through that eye that the monster imprisons children in its own digicore, ensnaring them in an attack strangely known as the "Absorbent Bang," which for some reason looks like this: