Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


So, I completely forgot the existence of this digimon for a while, and then couldn't find a significant place for it that I didn't want to put some other digimon, and now you're getting it kind of awkwardly shoved in between other monsters in the wrong series. Sorry! I know the extra-ultimate fusion of Agumon and Gabumon's lines was a pretty big deal, storywise, and even the intended Big Reveal of the movie that introduced Keramon, but...I still forgot it. It's exactly the kind of design I would forget about, even if it's a little better than other armored humanoids for its big, weird dinosaur legs and the fact that its arms are the heads of its two components.

That's a cool enough way to do this, I guess, and was pretty novel at the time, I guess, but I'm just not the intended audience for this design.


As of the divisive "Digimon Adventure: Tri" (which I personally couldn't get into, either) Omegamon can fuse with the rest of the main cast's Ultimate stages to become "Omegamon Merciful Mode," but it only really looks like a fusion of Omegamon with the Angemons. This is also supposed to contain Hououmon, Heracleskabuterimon, Rosemon, Holydramon and Vikemon, so where the hell are its talons or vines or mandibles?! I know I'm not the only one disappointed that this is just Omegamon with a "holy" coat of paint. BORING!