Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Another superb nickname! I really love names that are perfectly descriptive, but still opted for the weirdest combination of perfectly descriptive words. Silent Hill does it all the time, as we discussed before, resulting in such classics as "Abstract Daddy" or "Numb Body" or "Hanged Scratcher." Actually, this design would fit into Silent Hill pretty well!

Creep Hands bears some visual similarities to Bubbles, but with a more menacing, hunched stature, an incomplete humanoid rib cage and a pair of massive arms it also employs as legs. These arms can unravel into springy, extendable coils with a seemingly limitless reach, and the protrusions on its elbows can similarly extend into powerful, tentacular cables. These versatile, powerful limbs are the unit's entire purpose, acting as the actual hands of the D-Reaper to physically grapple enemies and wreak whatever destruction it may need giant, springy arms for.

When Creep Hands finally dies, we get a very brief glimpse of a mouth that it never otherwise used, and a rare instance of a D-Reaper agent showing any kind of expression.