Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



Maybe I should have covered today's digimon alongside Lucemon, since they were introduced the same year and can evolve into it, but I don't think they were created especially for Lucemon. Really, they were made so there would be an immediately holy-themed Baby and Baby II digimon, though if you ask me, the existing blobs and jellies were sufficient enough. Puttimon feels kind of unnecessary.



I do like this angelic Baby II a little bit more, though it's still nothing terribly special. It served a good enough purpose as a little baby cupid-like fairy digimon, I guess, and its little fang, pink claws and goth makeup prevent it from being too saccharine. The only thing of real note is that Puttimon is apparently more mischeivous and doesn't know right from wrong, but Cupimon matures a little and more properly fulfills its angelic purposes, spreading peace and love and all that stuff.

...At least until it evolves into any one of several angel digimon who turned out to be megalomaniacs, of course.