Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon

The Kotemon Line


A now rather obscure child digimon, Kotemon can evolve into a number of different knight-like and warrior-themed digimon, which is why the little guy wields a training sword and wears protective gear. It seems to be some kind of blue dinosaur underneath, but the face would have to be flatter and more human-like to fit inside the mask. Alternatively, maybe its face really is just a black hole, because it's a digimon and they don't need to have any real anatomy to speak of.



While Kotemon has many appropriate options, this was its most "official" adult, which just doesn't really grab me. It's basically a ninja turtle, but replace the "ninja" with "non-specific pre-industrial tribe" and the "turtle" with "non-specific dinosaur guy." I'm sure it has its fans, but I just dont find it a cool enough follow-up to Kotemon.



Why is this Dinohumon's original evolution? I really don't have the slightest idea. It seems to be based on the mythological Kamaitachi or "sickle weasel," a youkai that travels on icy winds and causes sudden, unexplained cuts. A cool and interesting design I suppose, I just don't know why it's here.



The final form is Angemon, but slashier, with sword arms and even sword wings. Can we just cool it with all the damn angemons, though? It was cool the first time, when it was a rare and unusual form for a digimon to take, but every humanoid angel digimon since then has only been about half as appealing as the one before it.