Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon

The Koemon Line


No, not koTemon again...today it's koEmon, a "monkey child" digimon that really feels like it should have been the one evolving into Dinohumon. It even has some similarities in its color scheme, and both are sort of "prehistoric" themes. Otherwise forgettable, except for the spooky puppet-monkey stare, that's always good.



And...wait...what? I knew about Hookmon, but I never knew until now that it originally evolved from the green monkey kid. This would actually make a heck of a lot more sense to evolve from Kotemon yesterday, as if the two lines were really all mixed up.

Hookmon is a decent design. Basically just a pirate guy, but the facelessness obviously goes a long way to making it more interesting, the cannon arm is fun, and it's even got a digimon style Jolly Roger with a pixelated-looking Agumon skull! Not bad!



Assaultmon feels even more like it should be part of the Kotemon line. It's even dinosaur-like!

Perhaps I mostly like this one because any kind of gas mask or respirator mask automatically looks awesome, but I also really like how it's some sort of reptilian, military-themed centaur, complete with a fluffy horsey tail! Sadly, it's intended to evolve into the underwhelming Cannondramon, which we already reviewed under Brachimon. On the upside, it can also evolve into Brachimon's superior Ultimate form, Ultimate Brachimon.

All in all, both yesterday's Kotemon and today's Koemon feel like a bunch of digimon that were just tossed together with little rhyme or reason.