Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


In an attempt to re-capitalize on the popularity of Gatomon, Mikemon was introduced in 2002 for one of the D-Scanner virtual pets, and there's basically nothing I can say about it. It sure is a different colored kitty digimon.

Though not created especially to evolve into our next digimon, I can think of nowhere else to actually put this one, and it does evolve into her in some later incarnations...


As a half naked cat person, Bastemon's popularity was pretty explosive back in the day, but to be honest, she's actually a pretty solid monster concept, a "cat goddess" digimon that "bewitches" victims with her beauty before draining them entirely of blood with her signature move Vampire Dance. She can also absorb mind points with her "Vampire Jewel" attack, and her official profile says she leaves opponents "completely eviscerated."

That's honestly all pretty badass, I gotta say. Obviously she's named after Bast, the Egyptian goddess of cats, but she doesn't otherwise feel like she's lifted from any single source. She's just a feline vampire demon with extravagantly gaudy fashion sense, and doesn't even fit in aesthetically with almost any other digimon, which I say entirely as a complement. As others have noted, Digimon Frontier added fairly conventional new digimon, but the card game, video games and virtual pets that same year got more experimental and wild.