Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



We've sure been hitting a lot of misfit villain digimon, haven't we? Raijinmon was created as a boss for Digimon World 3, and was a minion of the game's villain, a non-digimon entity named Lord Megadeath who just seems to be a guy in a skull mask and a robe.

Raijinmon is an Ultimate level digimon known as "The Thunderclap General," and controls electricity. Not a bad design for an all-robotic digimon, either; nice, smooth shapes and a pleasant, cohesive color scheme. Kind of looks like a big hunk of old medical equipment.



Suijinmon is also an Ultimate, but kind of looks more the part with its striking, centaur-like arrangement and formidable weaponry. I do like those raw metal forearms a lot, and the fact that it seems to balance itself on them like an ape. It also looks like a more appropriate evolution for Assaultmon than any of its existing options.



The third member of this trio is the least interesting looking, to me. Not bad, just not quite as strange or cool as the other two. Its blowtorch arms are interesting, however, in that they slice rather than burn its opponents, and it's basically supposed to be the close-combat fighter of the three.



Anyway, all three of these mechanical bozos can merge together into an even mightier machine, a "battle fortress" digimon of titanic size and strength. What I like about this one is how much it looks like a Mega Man enemy to me, with that goofy little cartoon robot face on such an immense body. I have to say I also have a fondness for robots that are bipedal without being human-shaped.

Oh yeah, and here's Lord Megadeath.