Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



We're almost completely out of digimon introduced in the year 2002, with tomorrow's being both the very last we've left to cover from this period and one of my favorite things in the whole damn franchise, but first, here's the infamous Lilithmon, another of the Ultimate-level fiends comprising the Seven Great Demon Lords of the digital world, the go-to evolved form of Ladydevimon and even a possible route for Arukenimon. I say "infamous," of course, because of all the digimon marketed partially around having boobs, Lilithmon is just about the boobhavingest boobhaver of them all, even boobhavlier than Rosemon.

This is a collectible battle-monster in a children's franchise, and yet, there's a high chance that google adsense will flag this page for inappropriate content and disable its ad revenue. They've done so for less in the past.

Lilithmon suffers significantly from Digimon's steady creep of more and more human designs, lacking even the off-color skin, giant hands or partially masked face that made me love her Devimon kin. I'm sure we can place some of the blame here on the misguided notion that a design needs to be as close to human as possible if it's supposed to be sexy, and do I even need to tell you which of the Seven Deadly Sins this demon lord is supposed to symbolize? It's a pretty tired, kind of insulting cliche that the "Lust"-themed villain is so often just depicted as a woman whose ultimate sin is little more than basically just, like...they enjoy sex and they look good? But "too much?" And for villainy I guess? Whatever!

Having said all that, you might be surprised that I don't actually dislike Lilithmon as a character or even as a digital monster. For what she is, and that's an important qualifier here, for what she is, she's reasonably cool. She's not half as interesting a design or concept to me as a lot of the digimon she can evolve from, but judging solely on the concept of a human-passing demon queen I'd say she has an effectively menacing, important presence and most importantly a NICE looking outfit. When a digimon otherwise resembles a normal human, it's their clothing and accessories I have to judge them by, and despite all the bits and pieces Lilithmon is wearing, their colors and shapes mesh into a pretty classy ensemble that doesn't feel nearly as cluttered and jumbled as some of the other goofballs we've looked at.

It also helps that Lilithmon gets a lot of focus as a main villain of Xros Wars, and while a lot of it is the kind of focus you probably expected from a modern anime (that's technically, but not really a work-safe link) she does get a lot of personality in the process, and a funnier weirdo than you would expect from a seductive demon lord. Even that very scene is her freakishly excited reaction to finding out she'd dying and she's gone directly to hell. That's hilarious.



Speaking of Xros Wars, I've tried to hold off on including anything from it in any of our other reviews simply because there's so damn much and it's kind of off in its own alternate canon. An alternate canon in which, instead of traditional evolution levels, all digimon can simply fuse into one another in any number and combination they please to create an absolutely infinite variety of fusion forms.

I wasn't sure how to ever approach reviewing those, but we may as well start breaking them in, especially because today's digimon has some, uh, pretty special ones I guess? Gattai Lilithmon is the fusion of Lilithmon with her own three Vilemon minions and another Ultimate-level villain, Blastmon, who's also great by the way and we'll get to him eventually.

Every element of the fusion is still independently sapient, and the three Vilemon are delighted by where they wound up (her top and her pants), but poor Blastmon is reduced down to nothing but his head on the end of a flail, and he spends a chunk of this story arc existentially tormented by his undignified new position, which is just funny as shit.



We mentioned earlier that Lilithmon eventually goes to hell, or at least the digital world's version of it, but there her poor Vilemon actually sacrifice their data to prevent her from dying, and she gets an opportunity to fuse more directly with Blastmon in the pits of digihades. Together, they form a kaiju-sized monstrosity we only get to see in bits and pieces, but it's basically one massive, four-legged heap of flesh with a crystalline, jagged maw in the front and a giant-size Lilithmon sprouting out of its back, yet another design we've seen lately that feels ripped from Devilman. It's a pretty badass concept, and it's just too bad that it's not one of the Xros Wars fusions ever integrated with the rest of Digimon canon. This is understandable, of course, given that there's SO MANY and the anime just sort of made them up as it went along, but you'd think a final boss form taken by a major villain would deserve a full profile and some video game appearances.



There's one last thing we have to talk about here, and I wasn't originally going to even give it an actual rating as a digimon, but you know what, I already rated the D-Reaper and other digital entities as such, so whatever. A creature design is a creature design.

Lilithmon has several pretty nasty attacks: her Phantom Pain causes her opponent to rot when she simply "sighs" at them. Her Nazar Nail...also causes her opponents to rot, but when she touches them with one of her gold-plated claws, and Darkness Love is her demonic seduction attack that leaves the enemy's mind broken.

Her ultimate power, however, is something called Empress Emblaze. It appears exclusively in the Xros Wars manga, she uses it only once for a disappointingly brief scene, and we only know that it's called "Empress Emblaze" from peripheral information, because the only thing Lilithmon calls it is......

..."Big sis."