Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


I gotta say I'm pretty sad that Tentomon wasn't one of the digimon selected for an X-form, but I am VERY glad that Palmon was. I think I still like classic Palmon a lot more but there's certainly something to be said of her X-form's longer root toes, blue cape, multi-tiered flower and ridiculous gold pendant.

It's said that this Palmon can emit a variety of smells, including an overpoweringly sweet or rancid odor according to its mood, and each color of flower petal produces a different effect. The red petals emit a "drug like scent," whatever that means, while the blueish petals emit a "cool" scent that weakens enemy offensive power, and the yellow petals emit a hallucinogen. By combining all of these effects together, Palmon X can produce something called the "RGB Herb" as a battle move, but there's no real information on what this is supposed to do.



This makes the second Mexican-themed variation on Togemon in the canon. People really can't resist putting sombreros on cactus people, can they? That's kind of all there is to this design, besides the fact that it also seems to be breathing fire, which is an interesting thing for a cactus to do I guess.

Togemon X's profile makes a lot of references to Vademon, implying that the brainy alien may have actually created Togemon - not even just Togemon X, but Togemon in general - as one of its experiments. Huh!



Lilymon X doesn't differ a whole lot from the original Lilymon, though I can honestly say its English bio is worded so strangely, maybe because it's just an awkward translation job, but even with that in mind, it's confusing to parse what the originally could have been trying to say: "When any kind of horrible Digimon sadistically toy with Lilimon, she greets them with a sticky light that dismisses them even if they attempt to threaten her. She personally will sometimes ignore them, and it is said that those ignored Digimon will become adversely shocked. Her whimsically tomboyish personality has been accelerated, and although she does not look scary, she has in a sense become the strongest Digimon around. Because she puts her existence first before her knowledge, she will decorate too many things with tiaras and beautiful ribbons, and when she keeps asking for the impossible and does not get it, she will burst into tears and kick those things with her legs, but although she indiscriminately hits those objects, it's evident that her selfishness firmly powers up as well."

I feel like I now know both so much more and so much less about Lilymon X.



Unlike most X evolutions, I think Rosemon X actually looks better than regular Rosemon in almost every way; the bigger, darker cape is more ominous and contrasts the brighter colors better, for one, and I even like that her thorny vines are now much thicker, brighter, and coil all the way down her legs. It balances the design better while showing off her signature attack.