Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



Oh...HEY! It's BETAMON!!! Remember Betamon!? One of the first two child digimon ever made and the original default child stage of all "Dramon" digimon, but seldom ever given any spotlight in any major digimon media. The little guy who should have been one of the series flagship mascots.

I'm glad this was one of the digimon chosen for a multi-stage X-antibody line, and I even think its X form is pretty good looking! It's sort of a more "exotic" looking Betamon, with an even rounder shape and some cool little kneecap spikes. Its official bio states that it's been "overhunted" to the point of being endangered for its more emerald green skin, but I don't know what that even means for a digimon. Don't they just digitally reincarnate when they die?!



Likewise, X-antibody Seadramon has only minor physiological tweaks, but still looks very, very cool. I really enjoy how much smoother and sleeker its skull looks especially, more believable to a reptile adapted for swimming, and its color scheme looks even more intense as well. It actually differs JUST enough that I could buy it as a further evolutionary stage of regular Seadramon.

I haven't been certain thus far, but I think the best way to go about these is really to give them the same rating as their non-X forms unless I genuinely think they're an actively more boring version.



But WHOA, this might actually be the first X-antibody we've seen that I find a total improvement and only an improvement on its original form! In fact, I originally found Megaseadramon to be a downgrade from Seadramon with an unpleasant color combination to boot.

Not only is Megaseadramon X more magnificently colored, but the metal head shield has been replaced with a beautifully organic, bony skull with an array of cool looking ivory horns. It's a beautiful sea monster.



Hmmmmm, not so sure about this one though. It's a variation on Metalseadramon, but oddly enough not an X-antibody digimon. Designed to carry other digimon inside it like a living warship, you can definitely sea some Evangelion influencee here - especially in the mechanized looking teeth - and I won't fault it for what it's trying to do, but these hyper-detailed mechanical X-digimon definitely get rather repetitive. It still gets a four for the sake of being a sea serpent in this style, which isn't something I've seen terribly often.