Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Uh, wow, this is pretty killer artwork, and I definitely wasn't expecting the oft-forgotten crab digimon to get any fresh attention, let alone end up with one of the most ghoulish-looking X-antibody morphs! The face reminds me of the more tormented looking youkai and oni from older Japanese artwork, the red cracks in the armor give it a real battle-worn look and those are some splendidly nasty looking teeth!



So I originally reviewed this one on a separate page, but I merged them later to make room for something else. Sorry for the confusion! Anomalocarimon X doesn't even evolve from Crabmon X, but you may remember that we originally reviewed Anomalocarimon as a go-to evolution of Coelamon, which was the main evolution of Crabmon. So, there isn't any Coelamon X, but these two arthropods should still technically be considered relatives...shouldn't they?

Anyway, this is SUCH a good one! I really wasn't expecting Anomalocarimon to get an X form at all, but then again, I wouldn't have expected the vast majority of these so far. The X-antibody plot really gave some unloved digimon a fresh chance, which makes it even more disappointing that most of these fell right back into obscurity.

Every part of Anomalocarimon is sleeker, sharper and more ferocious looking here, but without sacrificing any of the characteristics that made it cool to begin with. I will say I wish it had dropped the eyes on the sides, because while I do like them well enough, it'd still be an even more fun design with only the eye stalks on top, truer to the real animal.

Of course what pops out at you even more than the anatomy of this beast is the wild new palette with every single color of the rainbow, looking very much like it shifts in hue according to how the light hits it. It's a psychedelic Lisa Frank lobopod covered in murder weapons, and it is one of the single best things to ever come out of Digimon as a franchise.