Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


Can you tell we've gotten into the ones I saved up for later? I dropped Vademon X a few pages back so things wouldn't be too bad of a slog, but the rest of the really good X-digimon are part of our current stretch, including this Dobermon that's only gotten gnarlier, nastier and deadlier, with even longer spikes on its collar and a new pair of huge, crescent knives on its shoulders! Regular Dobermon is said to be ferocious, but quite intelligent, whereas X-antibody Dobermon is a "mad dog" that exhibits pure, untameable violence. Badass! I mean, that's horrible in real life dogs, but badass for a monster dog, sure!


Dobermon X can also evolve into Cerberumon X, just like regular Dobermon evolves into regular Cerberumon! I also originally made this review #226, but then I was reminded I had missed an X-antibody digimon or two, so I folded the doggies back into one. Sorry!

Cerberumon X is actually kind of an amazing design. It is ABSOLUTELY nothing like either Cerberumon or Cerberumon's alternate, humanoid form besides being a canine with two additional faces, so it's definitely at an ideal level of mutation for an X-antibody. It's also just incredibly cool looking for one of the mechanical furries of the franchise, just vicious and scary looking as hell in a way I find really satisfying.