Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon


This will actually be our last digimon explicitly associated with the X-antibody for a while, and it's the digimon the Dorugamon line merges with to take on its "undead" evolutions. It can also eventually evolve straight into this being, but it still felt unusual enough to deserve its own distinct review.

Death-X-Mon actually does not possess a "digicore," and it's said that it doesn't technically qualify as a true digimon, but a mindless and empty program that constantly seeks to absorb the digicores of other creatures. Unfortunately, if it does so, it "perpetually disintegrates and reassembles" the core through a series of internal commands that somehow begin with "Process 0" and end with "Process F."

Some artwork also gives this digimon more of a "body" inside of its "armor," but only as a CG wire mesh, which is a very cool way of illustrating that this is some sort of "unfinished" digital being! It craves true existence, yet it still doesn't have the coding for it, and the result is the digimon world's equivalent of a being trapped unnaturally between reality and unreality.